Being a leader in 2025

The modern business environment demands much more from the leader than it did a few years ago; and it will demand even more in the future. Key themes are moving from long-term strategic planning, time management and delegation to energy management, flexible thinking and teamwork.

Research shows that more than 67% of employees are not committed to their work and this percentage is growing. The biggest reason for this, according to employees, is poor leadership. In the lecture on leadership in the future, we will therefore focus on the key competencies that a new leader must have or gain to be successful and to be backed by a dedicated team of co-workers.

We will find out what the difference is between the old and the new way of leadership and what kind of future leaders our education system gives us. Given the lack of leadership competencies in a modern business environment, management education must be taken over by the company. Above all, the attitude towards authority, risk and error will have to change, as well as the care for team members and the introduction of a culture of responsibility.

So what is a modern leader like? What are the key areas he needs to work on to be successful in the future? How to become resilient to a rough and fast-changing business environment? These are the questions we will deal with in an active lecture, which, in addition to imparting key knowledge and trends in the field of modern leadership, contains several case studies, moderation debates and interactive voting.

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